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About Dr. B’s Products

BARF Australia is the proud producer of Dr. B’s Genuine Aussie R.A.W. ™
BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Foods) for Dogs and Cats.

Dr. B’s Genuine Aussie R.A.W. ™ BARF products have been Specifically Formulated by Dr. Billinghurst (‘Dr. B’) to strictly accord with the Principles of Evolutionary Nutrition; these are the foods that Evolution designed our Cats and Dogs to require, the foods designed to ensure our furry family members have the opportunity to enjoy the longest life possible, with the greatest freedom from disease.

Dr. B’s superbly crafted raw foods for companion animals are a Genuinely Healthy Alternative to processed pet food for cats and dogs.

Dr B’s Products are prepared from the freshest of human grade materials and presented as Frozen BARF Patties for Dogs and Cats and a Frozen BARF 3kg slab for Dogs.

Dr. B’s BARF patties for dogs come as very convenient 227 gm Frozen BARF Patties – with 12 Patties to a box – which store easily in your freezer. 

The Patties are the most popular form of Dr B’s Genuine Aussie R.A.W. ™ BARF for Dogs; the patties suit most dog owners, particularly the owners of small to medium sized dogs.

Dr. B’s BARF Patties for cats come as very convenient 115 gm Frozen BARF Patties – with 12 Patties to a box – Which store easily in your freezer.

Each of Dr. B’s BARF patties is totally sealed to prevent oxidation, ensure freshness and provide a long shelf-life (24 months from date of production). Access to each patty is via an easy peel plastic top; this means no mess and no fuss, easy to handle, even by people who dislike handling raw meat products.

Dr. B’s BARF Pouches – for Dogs

In response to numerous requests from people who feed the larger breeds of dogs or large numbers of dogs, Dr. Billinghurst has produced BARF in the form of Dr. B’s Three Kilogram BARF Pouches.

Dr. B’s BARF Pouches come as a 3Kg slab of solid BARF as the Combination Flavour. Combination is a mix of Chicken, Beef, Lamb and Pork.

In this form, Dr. B’s BARF is perfect for Large Dogs, dog Breeders and for Kennels.  Because Dr. B’s BARF Pouches are re-sealable, they are ideal to store in a refrigerator after thawing.

Purchase only the Best!

To be sure you are buying the real deal, look for the trademark: Dr. B’s Genuine Aussie R.A.W. ™ with the photograph of Dr. Billinghurst. This is your guarantee that you are buying an Authentic BARF product; grain free and based on wholesome raw meat and bones, wholesome raw offal and other healthy unprocessed foods, including crushed raw vegetables, fruit, herbs, kelp and probiotics. This Trademark is your assurance of real foods, healthy raw whole foods; Genuine Aussie R.A.W. BARF, chosen by Dr. Billinghurst to maximise the health of your companion animals.

Remember that R.A.W. stands for ‘Restoring Animal Wellness!’