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BARF Australia – Pet Food Producer

Highly nutritious raw frozen pet food

Dr. B’s BARF pet food is no ordinary pet food. This is pet food based on evolutionary principles; pet food which the dogs & cats’ genomes demand if they are to become and remain truly healthy. 

This pet food is known as BARF: “Biologically Appropriate Raw Food”. This health-promoting, grain-free raw pet food is rich in all the nutrients essential for long term health & vitality in cats and dogs. It is the food that nature intended them to eat.

The range of Dr B’s BARF foods were expertly formulated by Dr. Ian Billinghurst BVSc BScAgr, veterinarian, animal nutritionist and founder of the theory of evolutionary nutrition, to ensure that they fulfil the nutritional needs of dogs and cats.

Ian and his wife Roslyn initially launched the brand themselves, but did not manufacture the food themselves; rather they found a co-manufacturing partner that lived up to their expectations. They reliably produced only the highest quality food which met Ian and Roslyn’s strict standards – and more importantly, the high standards of their many loyal Dr. B’s BARF customers. 

After a happy and successful working relationship over several years, Ian and Roslyn made the decision to sell BARF Australia and the Dr. B’s BARF brand of pet food to their trusted partner, safe in the knowledge that the brand would continue to be true to their vision of improving animal health through the power of evolutionary nutrition.

That trusted partner is the Real Pet Food Company. 

Dr. B’s BARF pet food will continue to be manufactured exactly as it has always been: to stringent quality standards in the exact same facility, using only the highest quality raw ingredients and Ian’s exact formulations. The close relationship between the Billinghursts and Real Pet Food Company will also continue.

The Real Pet Food Company are committed to continuing to honour the BARF philosophy and the evolutionary principles, thus ensuring the ongoing health and wellness of pets around Australia