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Dr. B’s BEEF Recipe BARF for Dogs

BARF Beef for Dogs

Dr. B’s Beef Recipe BARF, which is best described as a ‘Red Meat’ product, is a brilliant food for both growing dogs and very active dogs; eg (working) farm dogs, agility dogs and Greyhounds etc. It is suitable for all life stages, so long as the older animal is not suffering from any inflammatory or degenerative condition.

Not so strangely, Dr. B’s Beef Recipe BARF is also very popular with many cats. Cats find Dr. B’s Beef BARF for dogs highly attractive and nutritious with its excellent levels of Arachidonic Acid, an Essential Fatty Acid for cats!

It is also worthwhile noting that all Dr. B’s BARF products, being made from fresh raw food of animal origin have more than enough Taurine in an available form for both our cats and our dogs.

Dr. B’s Beef Recipe BARF has high levels of available iron – as with all beef products.

Where we don’t recommend our Beef Recipe BARF is in cases of a ‘Beef Allergy,’ or where an animal is suffering from any sort of inflammatory or degenerative condition.

Beef, finely ground chicken bone, beef liver, whole egg, yoghurt, cabbage or bok choy, celery, spinach or silverbeet, carrot, ground flax seed meal, dried alfalfa leaf powder, beef heart, unbleached beef tripe, whole apples, dried kelp powder, garlic, oranges, salmon frames.

Typical Analysis:
Moisture maximum - 70%
Crude Protein - 15% (50% D.M. basis)
Crude Fat - 12% (40% D.M. basis)
Crude Fibre - 1% (3% D.M basis)
Calcium (Ca) – 1.7% (D.M basis)
Phosphorus (P) - 1.2% (D.M basis)
Calcium : Phosphorus Ratio – 1 : 0.7

Calories - 700kj / 100gm - 1590 KJ /serve (227gm)