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Dr. B’s CHICKEN Recipe BARF for Dogs

BARF Chicken for Dogs

This is Dr. B’s most popular flavour – our best seller. There are very few dogs (or indeed cats) that will not be tempted by the taste and smell of Dr. B’s Chicken Recipe BARF for Dogs.

However, the chicken recipe BARF is popular for many reasons other than taste, all of which are related to the health of our dogs. Chicken bones play a particularly important role in promoting the health of our companion animals; being derived from young healthy birds, they are relatively soft, they contain a high proportion of bone marrow (for blood forming nutrients and essential fatty acids), they are a balanced and biologically appropriate source of the bone forming minerals calcium and phosphorous and are an excellent source of cartilage, for joint health.

There are many other reasons that our chicken recipe BARF has enormous health enhancing properties. Firstly, the high level of essential amino acids (the building blocks of proteins) in chicken meat. Secondly, the high levels of the health enhancing and bodily repairing sulphur containing amino acids in chicken meat and thirdly, the very high level of healthy fatty acids to be found in chicken fat. These include both polyunsaturated fatty acids and monounsaturated fatty acids, together with exceptionally high levels of Palmitoleic fatty acid. Palmitoleic fatty acid has the extraordinary property of being antimicrobial and is one of the many reasons that the dogs eating Dr. B’s BARF patties maintain such magnificent health.

Dr. B’s Chicken Recipe BARF is very suitable for all life stages and being based on a white meat (which is anti-inflammatory), is very suitable wherever a dog is faced with some sort of inflammatory condition. There are only two general circumstances where Dr. B’s chicken recipe BARF is not a good choice for your dog; firstly where your dog has any sort of allergy to chicken and secondly where the dog requires a low fat diet.

Chicken, finely ground chicken bone, beef liver, whole egg, yoghurt, cabbage or bok choy, celery, spinach or silverbeet, carrot, ground flax seed meal, dried alfalfa leaf powder, beef heart, unbleached beef tripe, whole apples, dried kelp powder, garlic, oranges, salmon frames.

Typical Analysis:
Moisture - 68%
Crude Protein - 14% (44% D.M. basis)
Crude Fat - 14% (44% D.M. basis)
Crude Fibre - 2% (6.5% D.M basis)
Salt – less than 1% (less than 3% D.M. basis)
Calcium (Ca) – 2.5% (D.M basis) 
Phosphorus (P) – 1.6% (D.M basis) 
Calcium : Phosphorus Ratio – 1 : 0.6

Calories - 735kj / 100gm - 1715 KJ /serve (227gm)