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Dr. B’s COMBO Recipe BARF for Dogs

BARF Combo for Dogs

Beaten only by Dr. B’s Chicken Recipe BARF, this is the second most popular flavour in Dr. B’s range of BARF for dogs. Combo Recipe is clearly a great all-round food for our dogs as it contains a wide range of protein types (chicken, lamb, beef and pork). This makes it the ideal ‘Flavour’ to purchase where – for whatever reason – the desire or the requirement is that only one flavour is to be stocked or used.

That is why Combo is the chosen flavour for our 3 Kg BARF packs – the ideal choice for carers with large dogs or lots of dogs, including people running breeding or boarding kennels.

Beef, lamb, pork, chicken, finely ground chicken bone, beef liver, whole egg, yoghurt, cabbage or bok choy, celery, spinach or silverbeet, carrot, ground flax seed meal, dried alfalfa leaf powder, beef heart, unbleached beef tripe, whole apples, dried kelp powder, garlic, oranges, salmon frames.

Typical Analysis:
Moisture - 68%
Crude Protein - 15% (47% D.M. basis)
Crude Fat - 13% (41% D.M. basis)
Crude Fibre - 1% (3% D.M basis)
Salt – less than 1% (less than 3% D.M. basis)
Calcium (Ca) - 2.1% (D.M basis)
Phosphorus (P) - 1.6% (D.M basis)
Calcium : Phosphorus Ratio – 1 : 0.6

Calories - 735kj / 100gm - 1670 KJ /serve (227gm)