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Dr. B’s Kangaroo Recipe BARF for Cats

Kangaroo is of course, the only truly ‘wild’ meat available on a large scale in Australia. As a ‘wild meat, it is truly free range, being in no way farmed. Perhaps its most valuable feature (and drawback in some circumstances) is its very low calorific value; Dr. B’s Kangaroo BARF is very low in fat.

This makes Dr. B’s Kangaroo BARF highly valuable to any cat that has a problem such as chronic pancreatitis or obesity, or any other problem, which requires a balanced low fat diet. It is also a great choice for inactive cats to help weight management.

On the other hand, being low in fat makes Dr. B’s Kangaroo Recipe BARF unsuitable as the sole diet for a young kitten, a pregnant or lactating queen.

Many cats find the gamey taste of Dr. B’s Kangaroo Recipe BARF very, very palatable, so be prepared to see the food disappear in a flash and a very satisfied cat licking its lips contentedly afterwards.

Finely ground kangaroo meat & bone, finely ground beef liver & beef heart, whole raw eggs, yoghurt, chicken meat, offal and bone, derived from finely ground chicken frames; finely ground and crushed raw carrot, finely ground and crushed raw apples, dried kelp powder, finely ground salmon frames.

Typical Analysis:
Moisture - 73%
Crude Protein - 17% (63% D.M. basis)
Crude Fat - 8% (30% D.M. basis)
Crude Fibre - 1% (4% D.M basis)
Salt – less than 1% (4% D.M. basis)
Calcium (Ca) minimum - 5% (D.M basis)
Phosphorus (P) minimum - 4% (D.M basis)
Calcium : Phosphorus Ratio – 1 : 0.8

Calories - 585kj / 100gm - 675 KJ /serve (115gm)