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Dr. B’s BARF for Cats


Apart from their brilliantly health enhancing properties for felines, there is a lot less that needs to be said about Dr. B’s BARF Recipes for cats, compared to dogs. Yes, they are all suitable for all life stages, yes they will quietly and without fuss, help many health problems improve dramatically and like Dr. B’s BARF for dogs, they may be used as a stand-alone product OR combined with other (suitable) raw whole foods to produce a healthy (Feline) Evolutionary Programme of Nutrition.

Dr. B’s BARF for Cats may be used across the species divide, and may be suitable for feeding smaller breeds of dogs, or puppies.

As any cat owner/lover will testify, cats are fussy; cats want variety; the majority of cats will test the patience of their feeding slave(s) to the max. For that reason, for most cats, it is wise to have both Dr. Bs BARF Recipes for Cats – Turkey and Kangaroo - on hand and also be prepared with other healthy feline appropriate foods such as chicken wings and necks, whole fish, straight meat minces, plain yoghurt with egg yolks etc. Don’t forget that many cats will happily eat (and sometimes prefer) Dr. B’s BARF for Dogs. 

Another tip for fussy feline eaters who don’t like their food cold is to put the sealed plastic pouch of Dr. B’s BARF for cats into some warm water for a few minutes before serving, to take the chill off it.  This will also mean that there are more delicious aromas to excite the BARF-eating kitty!

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