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Isabel and ArgusHi,

My name is Isabel, Izzie for short, and I am the one on the right.

I am here with Argus, my half brother, or Argie for short, and I am the boss of him.

I will be 3 years old on Christmas day and Argus will be 2 in September.

Our humans had 2 dogs before us and they were often ill so when they passed on our humans did a whole lot of research and study and found out you cannot feed us just anything, especially cooked or dry food. They now believe diet is the most important thing for a dog's health and well-being.

They found out that no dog in the whole history of the universe has ever cooked its own food!

They found Dr. B's BARF and we have it every day as well as a raw chicken wing and a raw bone.

We love our BARF.

We have never been sick and believe we couldn't be any healthier.

Great teeth, great coats, no allergies, lots of energy, glad to be alive!

Argie, what do you say?

I say everything my sister says and I love her and our humans.

Thank you Argie and I love you too and of course our humans.

Bye  28/6/11