Born to be wild

For cats and dogs to achieve the long life and health they deserve, they should eat the food that nature intended them to eat; a diet based on the Principles of Evolutionary Nutrition, just as their wild ancestors did. This type of diet is known as a BARF diet ("BARF" is an acronym for “Biologically Appropriate Raw Food”).

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  • Testimonials

    …One of my cats has serious HCM. She's been on BARF for over a year now. Her heart will never be better, but she's remaining extremely stable and as healthy as she can be largely due to her fantastic diet.
    - Emily McLucas

  • Testimonials

         We will never feed our dog anything else.     
    BARF is absolutely fantastic!
    - Heather Larsen

  • Testimonials

    I, too, have been feeding my dogs
    this way for 20 years. My dogs love their food, they're healthy, have no fleas
    and save me a boatload on vet bills!
    - Karin Yehling

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